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APC survives because of donors like you! Your donation is tax deductible, and goes directly towards helping people in your local community.

From a one-time gift of $5 to a $20/mo. recurring donation; every little bit helps & we are grateful for whatever you choose to give. 

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Memorial Bricks

The Abuse Prevention Council offers for purchase memorial bricks to honor your contribution, your loved one, or your memory of someone special. Your memorial brick purchase will provide support to APC’s new office and shelter and to its efforts to “serve as a bridge between being a victim to becoming a survivor of domestic violence, sexual assault, and homelessness through the provision of safe shelter, advocacy, support services, and preventive education.”  We are using bricks provided by a North Carolina company in Winston-Salem, which…

“Since 1922, Pine Hall Brick has been a family owned business, as dependable and durable as its products, which have been used to build the homes, schools and public plazas where generations of Americans live, work and play. Made from dirt and water—the most abundant building materials on the planet—and made to last and maintain their rich, deep color for centuries, Pine Hall Brick products are the definition of sustainability. Pine Hall Brick is “Earth friendly, naturally green®.”

Each 4 X 8 inch brick paver is $100.00 and can include three lines of text with 20 characters per line (including punctuation and spaces).  The laser engraving technique ‘burns’ into the face of the brick creating a glass surface that is naturally black and completely permanent.


Download an APC memorial brick form now: APC MEMORIAL BRICK FORM

Please mail completed forms along with a check for the amount payable to:

Cleveland County Abuse Prevention Council


PO Box 2589

Shelby, NC 28151

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